Krishna Katha Training

birdSwami Vivekananda used to say that soul of India lives in its religion. All the scion of Bharat Mata who are attached with this holy land, whether they are educated or not, but one thing that joins altogether is the language of Religion.

The base of energy of any country remains in the last person standing in the last row. The fragrance of Indian soil is blended with the stories of Lord Rama and Krishna that lies in those people standing in such rows that forever provides energy to our country.

Hence, its obvious that each and every Indian can join the development journey of India with the medium of these stories of Lord Rama & Krishna and Indian religion.

When roots of a tree are alive, tree would remain fulfilled with greenery and liveliness. As well as liveliness and cleanliness of human society can remain evergreen when its roots i.e. religion, cultural heritages are strong.

Shri Hari Kathakar Samiti is continuously pouring water to the roots of human society from last 16 years in India. Krishna Katha training at Keshav dham is also an example of this incredible effort of Hari Kathakar Samiti. Krishna Katha training programme is regularly running at Keshav Dham. Current session was started from December 16,2010 which has 28 female and 22 males from Assam, Bengal and Orissa states.