Behind the Scene : How it all started

birdIt all starts with Andaman-Nikobar when Nikobar city was completely plagued by Christianity. Christians were forcing Indian citizens residing there to convert their religion. It was happening either in Andaman.

One of the youth from this disturbed and humiliated crowd asked a saint that if there is any preacher who can come over this place and lead our tribes towards lord Rama or Krishna?

Answering this question of that person was not sought to be easy for this saint. Who would come over in those jungles after travelling more than 1200 from the sea banks. Watching the saint in deep thoughts another person from that tribe asked to teach their tribe so that they become preacher.

It seemed easy to this saint. To function this proposal saints from Ayodhya came over in front and Hari Kathakar Plan was initiated. Forest dweller societies around our country are inspirational for us in many ways. These societies and tribes teach us the value of motherland and national strength.

Now a days, we people living in cities does not even care about the nature and forests. These forest dwellers do take care of the nature more than themselves. What they need to be improvised is the knowledge about our lords and ancient culture. Hari Kathakar Yojna trains these forest dwellers and tribes initially for two months.

Afterwards, 6 months main training is given in Ayodhya, Vrindavan, Navadwep, Guwahati, Puri or Nadiad (Gujrat) along with 1 month experience of preaching. Each and every trainee preaches Bhagwat Katha for more than 15 places in a month to awaken the inspiration of Indian culture into the people.