Kusth Rog Sewa

birdThe premises of Keshav Dham was established through trust in 2002 by D.M. Narendra Bhushan who was on duty at that time. After the die-hard attempts of Keshav Dham finally they have got success in finalising an habitation for the families who are suffering from severe skin diseases.

These habitations are constructed not only to ease those patients but also to enlighten them with spirituality. There are many families who belongs to different regions are residing here and following a disciplined daily schedule. Schedule is as follows : Tuesday - Keertan, Bhajan & Bhandaara

This society is working due to the die-hard attempts of Keshav Dham and for management a committee is organized whose members are as follows :

Caretaker - Shri Vikram Singh ‘Raipur Wale’

Minister - Sushil Ghoshal

Treasurer - Posh Mukharjee

Vice-president - Thakurdas Mehto

There are 38 families and 14 children are living in Keshav Kusth Sewa Kendra. The main motive of Keshav Dham trust is to make these families self dependent and able to live their life with self respect.

By providing different equipments as Sewing Machine for ladies and Rikshaws for men so that they may earn some money for their livelihood and for their children free education is provided with free medical facilities to prevent these people from being beggars which is a curse to this society.