Social Medicare Centre

birdAffiliation : A.I.N.C.E., New Delhi

Are you fed up with your life? Is there no hope to cure your disease?

If it is so, then you should sort out time from your busy schedule and enter the world of Naturopathy and Yoga. It would definitely help you to cure your disease. Keshav dham offers you such naturopathy clinic nearby holy banks of river Yamuna and the land of lord Krishna. Under the banner of Keshav Dham Trust, a Naturopathy clinic and Yoga Centre is run by expert doctors who helps you cure your disease with the natural ayurvedic methods.

Basic Treatment Methods are as follows :

Neti, Vometing, Eye Wash

Hot Fomentation, Hot & Cold Fomentation

Cold Hip Bath, Hot & Cold Hip Bath

Mud Pack, Full Mud Bath, Spinal Bath, Jet Spinal Bath, Jet Spray Bath

Abdomen Hot Pack, Chest Hat Pack, Joint Hot Pack, Full Wet Pack

Sun Rays Therapy, Ilhuk Sweat

Full Body Massage, Joint Massage, Head Massage

Full Body Spa, Yoga Therapy, Yogasan, Pranayam, Banch, Mudra, Meditation

Food Treatment

Electro Therapy & Physiotherapy – I.F.T., Ultra Sonic, Tens, Vibration, Infra Red Rays, Eyeling, Jogging

Acupressure & Magnate Therapy


Constipation, Acidity, Jaundice, Liver Diseases, Piles & Fistula, Allergy, Diabetes, Obesity, Asthma, Blood Pressure High / Low, Heart Diseases, Gout, Joint pain, Backache, Arthritis, Sciatica & Slip Disc, All Skin Diseases, All Gynecological Problems, Stone, Anxiety Depression


Rooms with 2 beds and attached toilet, Beautiful Park in the clinic premises