सरस्वती विद्या मंदिर || सरस्वती बालिका विद्या मंदिर
केशव धाम, वृन्दावन


In Keshav Dham, two separate schools run for boys and girls

In India, pedagogy based on Indian Culture was diminished during the Mughal period. Afterwards, British developed their pedagogy in India with their motive to make Indians slave of British Culture.
After the Independence of our nation, most of the aware citizens and politicians come ahead to end this western pedagogy but none of them have been succeed in it. Moreover, they bog down in the web of the western pedagogy.
A pedagogy can never be helpful in the benefit of any nation until it joins the youth of that nation to its soil, its culture and ancestors. To achieve this target, few courageous and patriotic citizens established first Saraswati Shishu Mandir in 1952 at Gorakhpur.
This initiative seemed to be helpful in the progress of our nation and it results today in more than 25000 Vidya Mandir around the nation with more than 1.25 lakh teachers and more than 30 lakh students. Keeping within this series, another Shishu Mandir was constructed in July 2000 at Vrindavan (Dhanuka Vidyalaya Campus). Continuously increasing number of students made us to open another Vidyalaya in Vrindavan at Keshav Dham in September 2004. Today, Keshav Dham Vidya Mandir has around 650 students with 21 teachers.