Krishna Katha Prashikshan Kendra

With a target of spreading the holy theatrical performances of lord Shri Krishna and India culture to the forest dwellers and hilly areas in North Eastern states, Keshav Dham under "Shree Vanvasi Raksha foundation" has come up with training the brothers and sisters from those far off states as Krishna Katha narrators. This training is running successfully since long now. Those trained narrators are sent back to their respective place to perform there and spread the religious sentiments loud and wide.
This training period lasts for six months and nearly 125 students get trained each year and go back to their home towns for completion of the mission with total devotion and dedication towards the holy course.

How to Started

The entire idea come up from Andaman-Nicobar, The Nicobar city was engulfed by Christian missionaries, luring innocent Hindus to get converted to Christianity by offering them petty items and sympathy. The similar conditions existed in Andaman too. A youth from that area was very disturbed by their well-planned conversions, he met a saint who happened to visit that area confidently. He offered his idea to the saint that, if we the people of this entire region might get some brilliant guide/preacher, who leads us towards our gods like Rama and Krishna and thus stopping those rapid religious conversions.
It was not a bad idea, but who will come to a place 1200 kms away from the main land to take up the assignment?
Another idea from the same community did click well. They bought the training of some of their own outstanding persons to become preachers for others, this second easier to the saint facing their proposals. To take up the assignment, some saints from Ayodhya came toward and finally "Hari Kathakar" program was initiated.
Forest dwelling tribes and communities of our country are in many ways inspirational for all of us. They provide important lesson for all of us related to love towards our motherland and national unity. They love and care about the nature more than us, the city dwellers. However they need to be guided about religious and cultural values systematically. The training of these tribes and forest dwellers under "Hari Kathakar" yojana is initially done for two months at their place only and later on 6 months training is provided at Ayodhya, Vrindavan, Navadweep, Guwahati, Puri and Nadiad, along with one month's practice session for preaching for proper experience.
Time to awaken, inspire the people about the rich treasure of Indian cultural and religion. We at Keshav Dham, Vrindavan are following the same tradition since last about 20 years, with all standards and values covering the brothers and sisters from entire North Eastern region, who have expressed their overwhelming support and interest for this pious mission.