Our Mission

Since times immemorial, the thinkers, philosophers, saint, hermits and other great person have always stressed on service to humanity as the basis preaching by all them. We have tried with best of our efforts for the same through our different activities here at Keshav Dham. A sincere effort on our part is on since last more than 15 years through various social service along with keeping our cultural richnessintact and lively. Within the entire society.
Presently we are fully active on some social welfare and cultural preservation project. Apart from those already operational projects at Keshav Dham, some more social welfare and spirituality related prudent projects are already in the pipeline.
We genuinely strive to develop and inject sense of service, methodical discipline, sacraments, devotion, knowledge, spirituality, mortification, self-reliance, self-respect, sacrifice, abandonment and above all nationalism, deep inside the personality of each and every citizen of our county.
Of course this is a long drawn process, but we are committed to the pious cause and we believe in "continuous efforts will definitely provide positive results". Also we can see that our already running activities are proving to be fruitful and positive as desired, so we firmly do believe that the steps which we are taking forward for those pious and sacramental activities will help us breach the fulfilment of our dreams, as our passion towards all those activities will definitely lead us to place our great nation at the pride position of "VISHWA GURU" (The global leader) once again.
For the achievement of the targets of this project based on social cooperation and support, we have all ambitions for whole hearted support from the entire society with body, soul and riches generously.