Kushth sewa kendra

A home committed to self reliance of those suffering from leprosy and other skin ailments.

All that started in 2002, by establishing a trust for Keshav Dham through active participation of Shri Narendra Bhushan, the then distt magistrate of Mathura. 
After lots of efforts and hardships they succeeded in establishing a rehabilitation of those families, suffering from severe skin disease like Leprosy. These families were not only rehabilitated at Keshav Dham, but are also provided enlightenment through spiritual and cultural preaching’s continuously. A project schedule has to be followed by them regularly. Such as religious chanting’s (Bhajan), Keertan and get togethers (Bhandaras) just to create an atmosphere of confidence and cooperation among them. 
Preventing many such families are staying at Keshav Dham "KUSHTH SEWA KENDRA", our vision is to create confidence in them for being self-reliant and be able to live a cheerful live ever. We offer our help to let them earn for their livelihood such as sewing machines to ladies and Rickshaws to gents and thus contributing towards reduction of begging lot in this religious city of Vrindavan and Mathura.

Keshav dham is also providing free education to the children belonging to 35 families suffering from leprosy or other such ailments.