Sewavriti VRIDHAJAN awas

When we talk of preserving our culture, sacraments, religion patriotism and unity, only one name comes forward as an international organization to take up that challenge, i.e. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The working of this organization is totally based on millions of its selfless workers, and thousands of them who have devoted their entire life for those activities and denounced family life by their own sweet will.
But there happens to be a dust in everyone's life, when the body and health leave to support. At the point of time Keshav Dham steps in and supports such senior citizens to help them with all comforts for rest of their lives at its own premises. 
A comfortable residence, food, natural environment and their role of guru Dronacharya to guide are upcoming youngsters to meet the challenges efficiently, is available to those highly experienced great seniors of our past times. Sewavriti Awas at Keshav Dham takes care of every need of those gems of all times at its premises at Vrindavan.